Day 1 – Arrival in Iraqi Kurdistan

Diary in Iraqi Kurdistan


Iraqi Kurdistan day 1 :

So here begins the new adventure : Kurdistan.

After 2 flights from Paris to Ankara via Istanbul, a few busses in between, and a lost luggage during two days, I am now taking the third plane of the week in order to reach Erbil, capital city of autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan. It’s night and the plane is only 1/3 filled by mostly Kurds or Arabs. I can see from the window the lights of Turkish cities, and with my GSM check when I am entering Iraq’s border. On the way to Erbil, having a look outside through the window shows me the lights of Mossul, 2nd biggest city of Iraq which is in ISIS hands since june… Freaky.

It has been a long while I wanted to see that area, and finally manage to get there. Thanks to contacts and friends I found an association for which I can volunteer, and for the first day I have spent with its members, I think I will get pretty well along with them.

If ever you are interested into making a donation for our organisation, you can found the link of the website right here, aswell as informations about what we are doing here.

Rise foundation

Key words : ISIS : Islamic State in Iraq & Syria


Une réflexion sur “Day 1 – Arrival in Iraqi Kurdistan

  1. As tu retrouvé ton bagage perdu ? Que contenait-il? Pas de chance.
    Suis très contente que tu sois bien arrivée. Prends soin des réfugiés et de toi aussi. BBBB mom


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